About Ashley

About Ashley

Ashley  University  is an online university offering distance learning for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We operate with the mission of providing quality university level education at affordable rates to middle class.

Ashley  seeks to overcome the gap in the academic objectives of students.

Since our inception we have attracted the best minds because we offer an open platform to all students who seek university education.

We have now reached our 180,000+ mark for our student body, 70% of whom are graduate students. Amongst the graduate students, 60% of the students come from overseas.

That is why we proudly call Ashley  the largest global distance learning institution for graduate studies.

At Ashley  we offer a lot to our students and that is why we expect a lot more from them when they graduate.

To graduate from Ashley  students must have the commitment, ability and motivation to succeed.

We do that to ensure that our students have what the employers seek.

Ashley  Student Outcomes:

Efficient Communication - Graduates will exhibit skills that direct to the clear and focused expression of ideas and information based on their logical reasoning.


Critical Thinking - Graduates will exhibit critical thinking skills to study problems, develop reasoned thinking to support their conclusions and formulate solutions accordingly.


Proficient Skills - Graduates will exhibit proficient skills specific to their field and a general

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