Academic Accreditation

Accreditation is an institutional process by which a regulating authority monitors and controls the higher educational institutions in a region. The central regulating body defines higher education policy which all regional and international institutions operating in the region must comply with. Institutions that follow the higher education policies approved by the regulators are approved and acknowledged through an accreditation. The process of accreditation is non-governmental and voluntary. An educational institute usually volunteers for accreditation by submitting an application to the authority. The regulating authority must then perform an overall assessment of the university and grant the accreditation.



The professional stature of all individuals are largely associated to their performance and achievements but most importantly to their academic qualifications. The society at large puts more emphasis on an individuals´ education than any other element of their life. For working adults in the early phase of their life it may seem impossible to attend a university with their full time job. On the other hand it may also be inadvisable to delay beginning with their career to complete their education. It seems more correct for such individuals to pursue their education via distance learning opportunities rather than conventional education. Completing a distance learning (online) degree displays motivation, responsibility and the control of an individual upon his/her life. And this reflects very favorably for someone in their performance evaluation by recruiters.



ACDLI is a global accreditation agency which ensures that institutions providing higher education meet adequate levels of quality. ACDLI is a private educational association of international scope, which develops evaluation criteria and conducts peer evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met.

The Accreditation Council for Distance Learning Institutes is an international agency working towards improving the standards of education worldwide. The agency grants educational accreditation upon evaluation of traditional and non-traditional institutions

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About Global The Global Accreditation Board for Distance Education

GABDE is an international accrediting agency aiming to achieve standard of academic excellence globally. It is a globally recognized accrediting association dedicated to providing accreditation to academic institutions including, schools, colleges and universities and vocational institutes established in the United States and Canada. It encourages, supports, and evaluates quality assurance processes in various academic institutions to ensure academic excellence.

GABDE has established its quality assurance model after a thorough research of contemporary international standards of excellence. The QA model is expected to be implemented by all educational institutions seeking accreditation license from GABDE. The QA model cover institutes various aspects, such as, learning and research facilities, overall student performance, curricula, fields of study, etc

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About International Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology Education

ABETE (International Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Education) is an international accrediting body for degree-granting post-secondary programs in engineering. IABETE accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established in the engineering profession.

IABETE accreditation system encompasses all engineering disciplines and profiles, is internationally recognized and facilitates both academic and professional mobility. Accredited engineering degrees offer students, their parents and advisors, and employers a mark of assurance that the degree program meets the standards defined and set by the engineering profession.

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About Association for Accreditation of Business Schools & Programs

AABSP is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, AABSP grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals. AABSP also offers international accreditation services to small, medium and large scale corporations. AABSP's international accreditation for corporations ensures that the organizations are operating according to the international principles and standards of quality.

AABSP an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to enable all academic institutions in the Gulf countries and around the world. It aims to promote effective educational practices in schools, colleges and universities.

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About European Accreditation Board for Online Education

European Accreditation Board for Online Education is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to enable all academic institutions in the European countries. It aims to promote effective educational practices in schools, colleges and universities.

European Accreditation Board for Online Education is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to enable all academic institutions in the European countries.

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European Association of Business and Management

European Association of Business and Management is an internationally recognized and dedicated for specific accreditation for business and management program all over Europe. European Association of business and management accredits business and management program at undergraduate and post graduate level


Academic Quality

The education system followed by Ashley University  has been recognized by all the institutions in the European region. Through our accreditation and quality education provided to students from various part of the world we raised the standards and benchmark for everyone. Furthermore, we have created a new benchmark in the education sector.

Ashley Mission and Core Values


"AtAshley University  we aim to contribute to the society through our expedition of education, knowledge and learning at standards of academic excellence. We aim to inspire learning and professional practice in our students."

Core Values:

  1. Student Focus - we aim to provide a professional, responsive and high quality service that meets the needs and expectations of all Ashley students and staff.
  2. Commitment - we are committed to providing an excellent service that aims to treat all our students and staff with courtesy, respect and fairness, and which minimizes our impact on resources and the environment.
  3. Communication - we encourage open communication with university staff and students and between ourselves.
  4. Global Focus - we seek proactive engagement with students across borders.
  5. Innovation - we seek to provide creative learning spaces and creative ways of delivering information and learning resources to the university in the most effective and efficient manner.

Educational Commitment:

University of Ashleye offers an extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups. The university emphasizes on quality and depth of provision across all subjects and that is why we strongly encourage the questioning spirit in our students. At the university there is an inter-relation between our researches and scholarships that is why we provide full support to our researchers for their post-graduation programs. At the center of all this we know that it is education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.


We at the Ashley maintain the best educational practices through global engagement at every level of academic and professional competence. Our partnerships are based on quality and excellence, and through them we aim to accomplish the maximum global impact in terms of education, professions and society.

Ashley focuses on strengthening its global relationships by forming partnerships with employers and education providers globally. Our partners and accredited universities and colleges from all around the world as well as Fortune 500 employers. Through our partnerships we assure our students the achievement of their academic as well as professional goals. Our partnerships have given our graduates a head-start in their career that other university graduates lack. This helps our graduate by-pass their struggling years and climb the career ladder faster.

Benefits of Our Partnerships

  • Fee waivers at our partner education providers
  • Your credentials atAshley are accepted and recognized by our numerous partners
  • More employment options available for Ashley graduates

International Students

TheyAshley  University  offers a global experience to its students. It focuses on diversity in its education programs as well as its student body. Around 45% of our student body comprises of overseas students. This means that our students have exposure to a diverse education system, which is international in every sense of its operations.

UB has associations and partnerships with many educational agents globally. We uphold these partnerships to provide complete, unhindered support to our international students. Our representatives, globally, are accessible 24/7 on our website. We have an International Support team dedicated for our international students who support the students from the moment they register till they graduate.

The distinctive feature for international students

There is a list of factors that makes studying from a Global University so farfetched, but UB with its online education system strives to overcome all those factors to facilitate students with International in a convenient way.

  • The classes are held completely online which means that there will be no visa requirements prior to earning the degree.
  • No additional examinations required to qualify for our university globally
  • If English is a foreign language for you, we can facilitate for you an instructor who s well-versed in the language native to you. Not only our student body, but our faculty is diverse as well.
  • Our Fees structure is tailored to your home country's standards but we offer much more in scholarships than your home country.
  • While at UB, you will be a part of our global community accessible to you via our student portal. This will give you an opportunity to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds.

Global Ashley

The Ashley University e  offers working adults, from around the world, a wealth of study prospects that can help them achieve their professional goals.


Ashley takes in students from around the world and converts them into the most talented professionals from around the world through its undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Amongst the currently enrolled students 45% are international students from across the global borders. And amongst our alumni 51% are international students from over 120 different countries.

In all disciplines taught atAshley  University  we understand and value different cultures. This is what makes Ashley a truly global university. Our university is a host to at least 80 different cultures at all times, thanks to our diverse faculty and student body. Our diversity and global approach helps us in effectively addressing the global challenges. Our innovation, leadership, management and student body together make us a truly global university.

Global Research

We atAshley  University  work across disciplines with international partners to find solution to global problems. Our global position amongst the top 30 online university truly reflects our quality of research and the success of our post-graduate students. We completely support our post-graduation students to work at the forefront of their disciplines from their home countries so as to ensure that all our university researches focus on different sectors ad population in the world. We strive to extend the boundaries of all discipline to the global perspective rather than confined to a particular geography and culture.

The global dimension is inherent in every field of research, and the University also has a number of centers and institutes with a specific international focus.

Student View