Global Ashley

The Ashley  University  offers working adults, from around the world, a wealth of study prospects that can help them achieve their professional goals.


Ashley  takes in students from around the world and converts them into the most talented professionals from around the world through its undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Amongst the currently enrolled students 45% are international students from across the global borders. And amongst our alumni 51% are international students from over 120 different countries.

In all disciplines taught at Ashley  University we understand and value different cultures. This is what makes Ashley  a truly global university. Our university is a host to at least 80 different cultures at all times, thanks to our diverse faculty and student body. Our diversity and global approach helps us in effectively addressing the global challenges. Our innovation, leadership, management and student body together make us a truly global university.

Global Research

We at   Ashley  University work across disciplines with international partners to find solution to global problems. Our global position amongst the top 30 online university truly reflects our quality of research and the success of our post-graduate students. We completely support our post-graduation students to work at the forefront of their disciplines from their home countries so as to ensure that all our university researches focus on different sectors ad population in the world. We strive to extend the boundaries of all discipline to the global perspective rather than confined to a particular geography and culture.

The global dimension is inherent in every field of research, and the University also has a number of centers and institutes with a specific international focus.


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