Message From The Ashley

  • "I am pleased that you are considering applying to Ashley University  for your academic qualification.
  • This is a truly extraordinary place, with expertise and support that can help you achieve your professional goals.
  • Our 250,000 plus alumni support our present excellence and future aspirations.
  • We have magnified the power of higher education to meet the emerging needs of the middle class.
  • We are embracing the urban strength instead of stagnating ourselves.
  • We are proud to achieve our mission of being a university that is ‘in and of the world'.
  • Over the years, Ashley  has been home to talented scholars, artists, writers and others who have been drawn from all over the world to teach, perform, create, and study. We have achieved international recognition in a wide range of areas thanks to our academic staff.
  • As a student here, you will get the opportunity of working with members of academic staff who are leaders in their fields.
  • They are dedicated to seeing you achieve your goals and will help you develop a better understanding of the knowledge you can apply.
  • Ashley  is home for research and education. It is a hub for interchange of ideas between the students, faculties and our successful alumni.
  • Today, Ashley is truly the only online global network university, united into the global flow of talent through our online presence for teaching and research throughout the world, and the largest number of students practicing distance learning.


Student View