Improving quality of life for residents


Improving quality of life for residents

A research team led by the   Ashley University  has conducted a research on improving lives of the residents in homecare by integrating technology into their lives.

Older adults living in such home care were given any electronic device by the students of Ashley, and older adults had to immediately tell a story regarding it.

Those electronic instruments given to the older adults are the part of our daily lives.

The major reason of this research was that to remind those older adults about importance of social and cultural experiences.

Moreover, older adults living in home care shared their memories experience with other people living in those places.

Ashley students worked with older adults living in home care across the city.

The research conducted by Ashley students has contributed positively in improving the lives of such older adults.

This activity provided those older adults with enhanced cultural and social experiences.

Furthermore, Ashley plans to conduct an event for all those older adults living in homecare and remind them that they are an important part of the community.

Moreover, in this event organized numerous organization will also participate and arrange different activities for older adults.


Highest Number of enrollments in Post Graduate Programs

 Ashley University has gained made a new record this year with the highest number of enrollments of students in the online MBA program.

Around fifty thousand students from different walk of life became the part of  Berkshir University.

Ashley international reputation has attracted brightest students from all over the world.

Ashley offers accredited post graduate degree programs degrees online with 16 diverse majors.

 Ashley University  has designed the curriculum in such a way that it takes into account each and every factor that employers look for in a potential employee.

Students after completing their post graduate and undergraduate programs have also started their own business.

Education provided at the  Ashley University creates leaders that are leading from the front.

  Ashley University  are working at the leading fortune 500 companies in different domains. Ashley has carefully designed the post graduate program

so that after acquiring education students will not only be equipped with knowledge with they will also have skill set that will set them apart from rest of the herd.

Qualified faculty members have been teaching at  Ashley University and it has contributed significantly towards successful development of Ashley students.

 Ashley University  offer sixteen schools which includes engineering, health sciences, social services, business and management and so on.

Furthermore, students can choose from seventy one majors.

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