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Affordable Education Solution

Our tuition fee structure and financing options are customized to suit everybody. We provide an affordable education to all so that everyone has an equal opportunity for professional success. We ensure that our fees fix into your monthly budget, so that your degree is earned before you even know it.

Self-Paced Studying

At Ashley  we ensure that we fit our class schedules into your schedule so that you have unhindered access to your education. We do that to ensure that you earn your degree in a stress-free environment. You can study from anywhere and at anytime through our online student portal because your class is wherever you have access to an internet enabled electronic device.

Global Recognition

The Ashley  student body is extremely diverse. To facilitate the global student body we have acquired accreditation from globally recognized accreditation bodies. This ensures that a Ashley  degree will be accepted and recognized by employers and educators across the world.

Global Rankings

Ashley  University  ranks amongst the top 30 online global universities by its academic offerings. The university goes beyond the ordinary standards to ensure that it satisfies the student requirements and offers them the type of education they demand.

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