University education is a significant investment and requires a considerable chunk of your savings.

At Ashley  you no longer have to ponder over you will meet those expenses.

We provide all the options you need for flexible financing and taking control over the payments of your education program.

The tuition fees quoted in our Tuitions options is subject to customization for each student.

80% of deserving students qualify for out merit Scholarships which helps lower academic costs by as much as 75%.

We also provide special scholarship packages for the needy students so that higher education is accessible to students of all classes.

Our tuition fee packages include charges for tuition, registrations and examinations.

All processes at Ashley  including the tuition fee payment are conducted over the internet to facilitate the students.

Financial Help and Support

If you have what it takes to succeed at Ashley  University , funding your studies is not an option that can stop you from enrolling.

We have a team to guide students through the financing options that are most feasible for them.

We also provide full support to students who are having any trouble in funding their education by planning their budgets and career options accordingly.

Why chose us?


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