Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's Degree Program offers the students with an exclusive program which is professionally prepared to practice the fundamentals of theory.

This program provides the student with the tools to think analytically.

Our mission is to foster effective learning of students that can enhance the skills of the students and eventually have an impact on their daily lives.

Ambitious professionals must equip themselves with the skills which are relevant to the challenges faced by the organizations today and in future.

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This course is ideal if you enjoy mathematics and want to learn more about its application in business.

It provides a strong foundation for numerically focused careers such as accountancy,

financial analysis, insurance, tax, banking or investments,

and on graduation you may be exempt from some professional accountancy qualifications.

You will learn in one of the global top business schools, with opportunities to meet top professionals through employer events, guest speakers and careers workshops.

Core modules cover accounting, business law, economics, management and quantitative analysis.

You will also develop communication, teamwork, problem-solving, numeracy, IT, and leadership skills, alongside valuable self-awareness.

You may take a 12-month work placement in your third year - extending your degree to four years - with the option to start professional accountancy qualifications.

More than half our graduates entering employment go into accountancy - most joining one of the Big Four: PwC, Deloitte, EY or KPMG.

There are ten first-year core modules, including an 'Integrative Project', which involves working in groups to create a business pitch which you then present to a panel of judges

. In your second year you take nine core modules plus one option.

Options within WBS include marketing, strategy, HR, law, entrepreneurship, and customer services,

or you can choose to study an outside subject such as Economics or a foreign language.

Ashley  University is the learning solution for today's fast-paced life.

It is a university, devised to meet the lifestyle of working professionals.

Middle-aged people, struggling for a fruitful career often find it hard to attend universities for higher education.

Ashley  has designed its academic structure to facilitate such people because a degree is the most essential booster in your career.

The higher the level of your academic qualifications, the greater is the leverage your experience gets you.

Ashley  University provides its students accredited online degree and certificate programs in 16 professional divisions for their professional excellence.

These programs are responsive to the industry trends and designed with the aim of fitting into your busy schedules.

  • Affordable Education Solution
  • Self-Paced Studying
  • Global Recognition
  • Global Rankings

As a Ashley  student you will become a part of an academic elite and you will learn from world-leading experts.

At Ashley  we promote a learning approach which is based on making enquiries which will result in you becoming an independent and self-motivated learner which are part of the key

qualities that employers are looking for. We want you to challange yourself and we will encourage you in thinking for yourself.

How will you be taught?

During your study tenure at Ashley  you will be experiencing teaching through a combination of online lectures and tutorials.

These tutorials will include small-group tutorials and personal tutorials which will be run alongside the lectures that you will get online.

You can contact an expert faculty member at any given time of the day and can excercise your right to ask questions related to your academic concerns and then you will be tested

on all the knowledge that you have gained.

Virtual & Enquiry based learning

Virtual and enquiry based learning is an excellent tool for supporting the academic courses that are offered online which will allow you to share thoughts and queries on assignments

and other academic concerns which the students can share online with other students.

Enquiry based learning is basically a group activity which allows you to work in a team with

various assessment methods in either a group or individually.




Degree from Ashley  will provide you an access to a great number of challenging, worth while and growth seeking career opportunity.

Our degrees have been recognized by major

employers across all the sectors of the economy. Our students find employementin areas as diverse as retail management, financial services, management consultancy,

and pharmaceuticals to being self employed.


After your Degree program

We guarantee you that you are totally set for next step in your career development and make sure you stand out from the competition by beating your competitors.

Whatever your career strategy is, we will give you assistance along the way.

Association with large and small employers

Depending on your individual and professional objectives, we make you capable to think in a positive direction, and create abilities that are considered by reputed employers.

Our global reputation and goodwill gives our students benefit to search for the opportunity in developed parts of the world.





  • Business & Management
  • Public Administration
  • Law & Legal Studies
  • Nursing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Computer Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Fire Sciences
  • Education
  • Social Sciences
  • Performing Arts
  • Applied Arts
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Service

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