Ashley  University of  offers a wide range of services that can help you in enhancing your employability skills,

decision-making ability, job-hunting skills, interview promptness and career maneuvering.

Postgraduate Services:

For postgraduate research students our career center largely focuses on skills and employability training.

We arrange specific workshops and activities tailored for students, reflecting both academic and non-academic career interests.

We ensure that all our post-graduate students are able to market their skills to the employers well.

The tailored workshops will help you identify and reflect on the skills that you have and those that you need to be proficient at to present yourself effectively.

Undergraduate Services:

For undergraduate students our Career Center offers a complete career guidance system, to take them from their current status in the career they envision for themselves.

We have a step by step approach for them to help identify what career they want to pursue so that they can select the correct academic majors.

Our career center specialist gives them one-to-one counseling to help them identify their career objectives and how they are planning to achieve them.

Our expert team guides them to select easiest route to achieve their career goals.

Additional Services:

  • Students also have the option availing individual advice and guidance from Academic Counselors online via e-mail, phone or live chat.
  • Career Path Change; students at Ashley  always have the option of changing their career track by consulting a career specialist at our career center.

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