Ashley  University is well-known for creating extra-ordinary students.

Our alumni are leaders, innovators, influencers and innovators today, in various fields, making an impact across globally.

You become a member of the inspiring network, of 180,000+ alumni, upon your graduation.

Ashley  is a goldmine of aptitude and experience that can bring the students numerous professional and social repayments all through their lives.

A step forward

At Ashley  you have many opportunities to get in touch with our alumni.

Our alumni often come again to share their success stories with our aspiring students to give them an account of life after Ashley .

They experience can come from a range of professions, including the environment, management, public administration and law.

They act as mentors for our students and their networking sessions help gain an insight into their different careers.

It is an option for students to get practical and latest advice on enhancing their own career prospects.

You can get in touch with our alumni via our social network as well as special guest speaker sessions held online.

We celebrate your success

Ashley  University of  is takes immense pride in the success of its graduates and the contribution they are making to the society.

Alumni of the Month:


An Ohio-based female was in a home-based food delivery service to individuals in the vicinity.

After completing her undergrad from Ashley  she wanted to do something big, in terms of impact.

She expanded her business from 5 employees to 35, creating 30 more jobs and launched her very own storable,

packaged food line to go from B2C to B2B. Andy applied her academic learning to her current business.

She has set an example for all stay at home moms that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams if you know where to start from.

"gcu certainly provided me with a solid base to fuel my passion and the solid foundation built there has proven invaluable.

I will never stop driving for creativity and innovation


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