The staff and faculty at Ashley  University  are student-centered, committed to clearing your path for progress by providing expert,

personal academic support. You can rely on our experienced faculty and staff to help you prepare for job market success.

Academic Advisors

Our student advisors at Ashley  are keen to ensure your positive learning experience.

Any college/portal related service or any career confusions will be readily entertained by our student advisors 24/7 online on call, e-mail or live chat,

so you need not wait if you have any queries. All our advisors have real-life experience in subject related matters as well as career services.

The one to one help will ensure that you have dedicated attention of an advisor.

One to One faculty support

At Ashley  University  we give you the option to get academic support directly from instructor of the course you are taking.

You need not wait for the next lecture if you have any queries regarding the last one.

Follow up with your instructor at anytime on your online portal.

Peer Support

At Ashley  University , you can connect with the currently enrolled students as well as the alumni at anytime on the student/alumni center.

A little extra help from your friends can make everything seem much easier.

You can find a study partner, exchange lectures with your peers, and chat about common career interests with the alumni.

Your alumni experience can help you get a clearer picture of your career path.


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